Can Heartburn Drug Increase Bone Fracture Risk? Now Answered

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“Can Heartburn drugs increase bone fracture risk?”

You’d be quite right in asking this question – especially if you’ve been taking heartburn drugs for over a year now…The issue has become so grave that the FDA has undertaken a review, and has found that indeed taking heartburn drugs – especially PPIs, causes bones in the hip and wrist to become weak and therefore susceptible to fracture.

Naturally, this concern warrants a deeper digging into why PPIs cause bone fracture… Read more

4 Heartburn Friendly Breakfast Ideas To Kick Start The Day!

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Breakfast is the first meal of the day – the most important meal of the day. What you have for your breakfast is what decides the rest of your meals – why? Because if you’re having foods that trigger your heartburn at the beginning of the day, the rest of your day is simply going to be spent in countering the reflux effects…and that means the remaining meals will be severely restricted. Read more

Help Your Little One—Know About Heartburn In Babies And Kids


If you thought that heartburn is an issue that only adults have to face, it’s time to rethink that assumption. Because even children, especially infants, are prone to heartburn. And what’s worse is that unlike adults, who can actually figure out it’s heartburn and can look for a cure, with babies, that’s not possible. All they can do is cry and whine – and continue to helplessly suffer from the pangs of heartburn and indigestion. Read more