23 Lesser Known Remedies For Heartburn Now Revealed!

foods to help heartburn

You’d be surprised to know how many natural heartburn remedies actually exist within reach and we don’t try them because we don’t know of them! But here’s a remedy for that scenario—we let you in on the secret ingredients that can help you ease that uneasy feeling that’s a characteristic feature of heartburn.

And given that most of these secret ingredients are available right in your kitchen, you can expect quick relief – simply because you don’t need to hunt for these, and waste precious time in the process. Read more

Meditation For Heartburn Is The Best Alternate Remedy To Try

Meditation for heartburn

Heartburn is a name often given to acid reflux based on the symptoms. There’s a burning sensation in the region of your heart – and that is why it is called heartburn. But what it really is… is a case of acid in your stomach that, along with the food, is refluxing into your esophagus or food pipe. If these are the symptoms you have been experiencing recurrently and you visit your doctor looking for treatment, one of the things your doctor may suggest you do is reduce your stress levels and try meditation for heartburn. Read more

3 Herbal Brews For Heartburn That Will Bring You Relief!

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Among the many non-medicinal and natural remedies for heartburn, there lies one which may be misleading – and that is herbal tea. Because, while tea does contain caffeine, and is therefore a total no-no when you have GERD or heartburn, herbal teas, made by brewing natural ingredients, are actually good for your digestive system. And that is why herbal brews for heartburn are actually recommended alternate remedies. Read more

Apple Cider Vinegar for Heartburn: Will It Work For You?

apple cider vinegar for heartburn

What causes heartburn? The reflux of acid from your stomach into your esophagus which, over time, leads to corrosion causes the burn in your chest which is then referred to as “heartburn”. So, naturally, you’d think it is the excess of acid that is causing the condition as well as the discomfort?

But what’s really  causing the problem?  GERD is actually caused by too little stomach acid and not too much. Since there isn’t adequate acid in the stomach, the food doesn’t get digested correctly – this leads to acidity and this acid is what refluxes and causes heartburn.

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Licorice For Heartburn: It Can Sure Help In Many Ways!

Licorice home remedies for acidity

Naturopaths and certain doctors will actually prescribe licorice for heartburn as an alternate remedy. Some people like the flavor, others hate it. But the fact is that whether you like it or hate it – chewing on it can actually be very beneficial if you have heartburn! While most other natural remedies either soothe the esophagus, or they neutralize the stomach acid; stopping it from refluxing into your esophagus, licorice actually works in multiple ways to make you feel better and cure heartburn. Let’s take a look at how. Read more