What is Silent Reflux Disease?

silent reflux

Silent Reflux Disease is also known as laryngopharyngeal reflux or LPR. This condition is a form of acid reflux that does not exhibit the classic reflux or GERD symptom of heartburn. LPR is common in infants and children because of their shorter esophagus and underdeveloped esophageal sphincter, but adults can be diagnosed as well. This condition can be managed through lifestyle changes, medication, and more severe cases can be remedied with surgery.

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Heartburn or Heart Attack: How To Save A Life By Knowing The Difference

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You may have wondered if you have ever had a heart attack at one point in your adult life. That feeling when your chest constricts and a searing pain hit through you is no laughing matter. But, unlike the idea of gasping for breath or slumping over while gripping the chest as reflected in movies and television shows, the difference between heartburn and a heart attack can be slight. To ensure safety, it is therefore essential to learn the difference between these two conditions. To give you an idea here’s a breakdown on the differences between heartburn or a heart attack. Read more

What Is The Link Between Alcohol And Heartburn?

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When you suffer from frequent heartburn, chances are, your doctor advised you against having alcohol. If you didn’t ask, he didn’t tell you exactly why. And that probably leaves you wondering. Now after a long and hectic day at office, most of us like to come home and sit down with a chilled beer or enjoy a glass or two of wine with dinner. It helps us to unwind and release the tension. Read more

Help Your Little One—Know About Heartburn In Babies And Kids


If you thought that heartburn is an issue that only adults have to face, it’s time to rethink that assumption. Because even children, especially infants, are prone to heartburn. And what’s worse is that unlike adults, who can actually figure out it’s heartburn and can look for a cure, with babies, that’s not possible. All they can do is cry and whine – and continue to helplessly suffer from the pangs of heartburn and indigestion. Read more