About Heartburn Help and Natural Heartburn Relief

At Heartburn Help / Natural Heartburn Relief, we aim to break down complex issues about heartburn, acid reflux and GERD and give you information that is easy to understand.

Also, we try to include links to relevant medical information and research where possible so you can delve deeper into issues if you choose to.

A number of years ago I suffered from dreadful heartburn during pregnancy. Obviously, due to my situation, I didn’t want to resort to medication to relieve my symptoms.

So I researched the various solutions available to me and tried numerous suggestions. Before long, I found natural heartburn remedies that worked for me.

I believe that natural heartburn relief, or even cure, can be achieved by most people, and hopefully that includes you!

And you can do this by avoiding your heartburn trigger foods, reducing your lifestyle risk factors and maybe trying a few alternative remedies for natural heartburn relief. just like I did. 

This blog outlines some of the remedies I found and implemented, and others I have come across since then. Hopefully it can help you in your quest to live healthy and heartburn free.

Enjoy life!

Jocelyn xx