Why Meditation For Heartburn Is The Best Alternate Remedy

Many things could be giving you heartburn, but depression or stress are often bigger contributing factors than you think. Make yourself a priority and allow time to try meditation for heartburn. It doesn’t have to take long, the main thing is that you try to meditate regularly. Meditation for heartburn and acid reflux is an excellent natural remedy that will help you.

meditation for heartburn

What is heartburn?

Heartburn is a name often given to the burning you feel in your chest which is caused by acid refluxing back into your esophagus, or food pipe. Because the burning sensation is in the region of your heart, it is called heartburn, but in fact has nothing to do with your heart.

Stress is a major cause of acid reflux and heartburn

Many things could be causing your heartburn but, for many of us, some of the most common causes are stress and anxiety.

When you have stress or anxiety, this triggers bloating and flatulence. Your digestion and acid secretion don’t function as they should. As a result you have gas as well as extra acid in your stomach. With their recurrence, your lower esophageal sphincter (the band of muscle that is supposed to stop food and acid refluxing from your stomach back into your esophagus) also weakens and your condition can become chronic. Which in turn, makes your heartburn worse.

meditation for GERD

So, you have a cycle that’s going to keep getting worse unless you do something about it. It’s important that you try to remedy your heartburn before it becomes too frequent, as regular heartburn can lead to GERD and further complications.

Depression and GERD

GERD (or gastroesophageal reflux disease) is when you suffer from heartburn and acid reflux frequently, at least twice a week. People that suffer from GERD often have other medical issues.

It has been suggested that depression makes GERD worse and reduces the overall quality of your life. MBSR can be an effective modality in the alleviation of these symptoms and in reduction in the levels of distress in GERD patients.

A recent study found that mindfulness-based stress reduction, such as meditation, can relieve symptoms of depression and your health-related quality of life

Depression, anxiety and heartburn

Depression and anxiety often go hand in hand, and if you suffer from both, it’s important you try to get a handle on both, not just for your physical health, but for your mental health as well. Please reach out to medical or mental health practitioners for support.

A study of 19,000 people found that anxiety and depression levels were significantly higher in subjects with GERD.

Lifestyle changes to reduce GERD and heartburn

When you have GERD or heartburn, there are many lifestyle changes you should consider. But arguably, one the most important changes you can and should be addressing are the cause (or causes) of your heartburn, as this often leads to the symptoms going away.

meditation for acid reflux

Meditation for heartburn

Meditation is one of the easiest and best ways for you to relieve stress – and there is a lot of documented proof of that. So I strongly suggest you consider trying meditation out.

For some people meditation doesn’t come easily or they believe they can’t sit still or “think of nothing”. However there are many great tools and resources available now to help you to learn to meditate to reduce your stress levels and thereby reduce your heartburn symptoms.

Guided meditation for heartburn, acid reflux and GERD

Try it – take 30 minutes of quiet time, but you don’t need to do the whole 30 minutes if you don’t want to.

  • Sit in a comfortable position, in comfortable clothes. Sitting in the couch works!
  • Or you can lie down with your upper body elevated (sun lounge, recliner or wedge pillow help). Don’t do this if you have eaten in the least 2-3 hours or if lying down makes your reflux worse.
  • You can keep your eyes closed or open.
  • Minimize distractions before you start – phone off, kids at school or asleep!

Other ways to reduce heartburn naturally

Along with meditation, you might want to try other natural remedies to take a wholistic approach to treating your heartburn or GERD.

  • avoid your acid reflux trigger foods
  • eat small frequent meals
  • try probiotics
  • allow 2-3 hours after eating/drinking before you lie down
  • elevate your head and torso when sleeping
  • do exercises that don’t aggravate your heartburn most days
  • avoid alcohol, or drink moderate amounts of alcohol that doesn’t cause heartburn
  • quit smoking

Meditation for heartburn

Give it a shot! This one easy and enjoyable alternate remedy has worked for many. We bring it to you with the hope that it works for you too.

Eliminating stress can be easier said than done, however, trying meditation for heartburn can actually have a very positive impact on your symptoms.