The Best LONG TERM Cure For Heartburn – Naturally!

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Contrary to popular belief, heartburn is actually caused by inadequate stomach acids. Your stomach naturally produces Hydrochloric acid to digest food. This acid is what starts the breaking down of food – the first step in digestion. And inadequate acid means that food doesn’t get digested right. Also, this can lead to inflammation of the stomach wall, or problems with the sphincter that is supposed to stop food as well as stomach acid from refluxing back into your food pipe. But when this sphincter is affected, it doesn’t work all that well and the acid comes up and burns your esophageal walls – and this is commonly called heartburn. Read more

Are You Following The Heartburn Dos And Dont’s?

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The occasional heartburn after a heavy meal consisting of junk food is not so much of a bother. You can just pop a pill and sleep it off. But it is the feeling of having swallowed molten lava and that has taken residence in your chest that creates trouble. Only those who have to suffer this feeling 24*7, especially after every meal – will understand the pangs of suffering from GERD. Read more