Cooking Your Own Safe Lunch When You Have Heartburn

Acid reflux and heartburn have a very close link with what we eat. And why would it not… After all, the excess acid that causes refluxing is produced by your stomach in the process of digestion. And as a result, you need to be very careful about what you cook with and what you eat.

And today we’re talking about the second major meal of the day – lunch!

When it comes to this afternoon meal, we all need a certain amount of food because while we can have snacks in between, the next big meal will be at night. Therefore, when considering this meal, keep in mind that even if you do not eat till you feel full, you will need more sustenance than a mere snack. And we have some lunch recipe options that help you to get the sustenance minus the full feeling and heartburn afterwards.

So, let’s go…


This first recipe is for an avocado dip. This dip can be had with crackers or with fresh vegetable sticks. Or you can use it as a salad dressing. You can even have it as a sauce in a wrap with veggies! It can basically be as filling as you make it!

To make it:


We mentioned wraps? And when we say wrap, one other thing that comes to mind is a tortilla. And here is a homemade recipe from start to finish. Plus, it is low fat and vegan – so completely safe to eat even if you have GERD.

The process, however, is a bit long:


This third recipe is for a salad. And not just any salad, but a yummy and wholesome carrot salad. You could even use this for a snack, but had with some form of cereal for lunch, it will be great!

To make this, just follow these steps:


Now for some soup. But this one is more of a one-pot-meal that is warm, comforting and filling. It is a black bean soup… with a twist of course. What?

Why, check it out to know:


This is the final recipe and it’s time for some non-veg. But usually when you have GERD, meat or eggs are best avoided. But this one is fish – which is safe for you!

Check out how it’s made:

So what if you have heartburn? It may have been bothering you after frequent (or every) meal so far… but when you switch to such safe and heartburn-resistant lunch recipes you will be safe! And these aren’t all – so long as you know the foods that trigger heartburn, you can always work out your own recipes without those!