10 Heartburn Home Remedies During Pregnancy

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Most pregnant women have to suffer from nausea and vomiting in the first trimester of their pregnancy. At some point, this so-called “morning” sickness can extend all throughout the pregnancy due to heartburn. Due to the absence of the hormone progesterone which relaxes the muscles, particularly in the stomach valve, food swallowed down to the stomach may be slowed down.

Add to that the growing uterus and you have the danger of back-firing acid to the esophagus. If you wish to minimise heartburn during pregnancy, there are actually a number of safe and effective ways to do so. To help ease your potential 9-month ordeal, here are some safe heartburn home remedies for use during pregnancy. Read more

Can Heartburn Drug Increase Bone Fracture Risk? Now Answered

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“Can Heartburn drugs increase bone fracture risk?”

You’d be quite right in asking this question – especially if you’ve been taking heartburn drugs for over a year now…The issue has become so grave that the FDA has undertaken a review, and has found that indeed taking heartburn drugs – especially PPIs, causes bones in the hip and wrist to become weak and therefore susceptible to fracture.

Naturally, this concern warrants a deeper digging into why PPIs cause bone fracture… Read more

Are You Following The Heartburn Dos And Dont’s?

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The occasional heartburn after a heavy meal consisting of junk food is not so much of a bother. You can just pop a pill and sleep it off. But it is the feeling of having swallowed molten lava and that has taken residence in your chest that creates trouble. Only those who have to suffer this feeling 24*7, especially after every meal – will understand the pangs of suffering from GERD. Read more