What Not To Eat With Acid Reflux: The Top 10 Triggers

what causes acid reflux

Without a doubt, the burning sensation that spreads from the chest up to the throat area, leaving a sour or bitter taste, can be an irritating experience. It can be even more frustrating when it lasts for hours. This sensation – commonly referred to as heartburn – is enough to leave anyone desperate for a solution. Acid reflux is the cause of this and, usually, this is triggered by various lifestyle factors.

Fortunately, you can now avoid these unpleasant symptoms by consuming less, if not zero, of certain food and drink groups. So, what not to eat with acid reflux? Here’s the top 10 list.

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Heartburn At Night: Understanding the Causes, Risks and Relief

bad heartburn at night

Does your gut spell trouble for you at night? Heartburn is a disturbing malady affecting millions of people across ages and walks of life. It is characterized as a burning feeling just right below the breast bones rising from the stomach into the neck or throat. Many people often mistake the sensation to that of a heart attack for obvious reasons. Often, people have this feeling when out and about. There are others, however, who have heartburn at night—which can be more dangerous. Read more

Meditation For Heartburn Is The Best Alternate Remedy To Try

Meditation for heartburn

Heartburn is a name often given to acid reflux based on the symptoms. There’s a burning sensation in the region of your heart – and that is why it is called heartburn. But what it really is… is a case of acid in your stomach that, along with the food, is refluxing into your esophagus or food pipe. If these are the symptoms you have been experiencing recurrently and you visit your doctor looking for treatment, one of the things your doctor may suggest you do is reduce your stress levels and try meditation for heartburn. Read more

The Best LONG TERM Cure For Heartburn – Naturally!

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Contrary to popular belief, heartburn is actually caused by inadequate stomach acids. Your stomach naturally produces Hydrochloric acid to digest food. This acid is what starts the breaking down of food – the first step in digestion. And inadequate acid means that food doesn’t get digested right. Also, this can lead to inflammation of the stomach wall, or problems with the sphincter that is supposed to stop food as well as stomach acid from refluxing back into your food pipe. But when this sphincter is affected, it doesn’t work all that well and the acid comes up and burns your esophageal walls – and this is commonly called heartburn. Read more