Are You Following The Heartburn Dos And Dont’s?

The occasional heartburn after a heavy meal consisting of junk food is not so much of a bother. You can just pop a pill and sleep it off. But it is the feeling of having swallowed molten lava and that has taken residence in your chest that creates trouble. Only those who have to suffer this feeling 24*7, especially after every meal – will understand the pangs of suffering from GERD.

Naturally, you will agree that the feeling is not pleasant in the least…and chronic acid reflux only adds to the stress and anxiety in your life. But you can avoid the stress, the increased dependence on medication – and the resultant frustration when they fail to work – if you follow the heartburn Dos and Don’ts to the letter.

Photo Credit: via Compfightcc
Photo Credit: via Compfightcc

When you eat, your stomach automatically releases stomach acid to digest the food. But the problem is when your esophagus fails to keep the acid down.And instead of going down the stomach lining to digest the food, the acid comes up into the esophagus to create heartburn.

Now there are certain foods that trigger excessive release of acid and if you have these, you are sure to suffer heartburn. So understanding food combinations is mandatory when you’re a victim of chronic  heartburn – one wrong meal and you could undo the positive effects of the lifestyle changes you have brought about to tackle acid reflux.

But just keeping tabs on your food intake is not enough. Some of the medicines usually prescribed for heartburn also contribute to the condition. Of the three different types of meds that most doctors prescribe for heartburn, antacids are the safest. But to know about the other meds that will only worsen the condition instead of alleviating the symptoms, you should check out the Heartburn medicines to avoid.

As long as you are careful about what you eat and the lifestyle choices you make, you should be able to control your heartburn symptoms…they seldom go away forever, but at least you following the heartburn dos and don’ts gives you a better chance at beating heartburn.