Meditation For Heartburn Is The Best Alternate Remedy To Try

Heartburn is a name given to acid reflux based on the symptoms. There’s a burning sensation in the region of your heart – and that is why it is called heartburn. But what it really is… is a case of acid in your stomach that along with the food is refluxing into your esophagus or food pipe. If that is the condition you have been experiencing recurrently and you visit your doctor looking for treatment, one of the major things the doctor will ask you to do is meditation for heartburn.

Photo Credit: Somos libres otra vez via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: Somos libres otra vez via Compfight cc

We are also advising you the same. If you’re wondering how something like meditation can affect your stomach and its digestive capabilities, then let us get down to the real facts now…

One of the major causes of heartburn—

Many things could be causing your heartburn, but with a majority of people, the most common cause is stress. Yes, that’s right. When you have stress and anxiety, this actually triggers bloating and flatulence. In fact, since we first eat with our eyes and other senses, your stomach starts producing the right enzymes and chemicals for digestion when you look at and smell the food. Thereafter, when you actually eat, the atmosphere in your stomach is just right for digestion.

But when you are stressed out – all these regulatory actions in your body go awry. Digestion and acid secretion are both hampered. As a result you have gas as well as acid in the stomach. With their recurrence, the Lower Esophageal Sphincter also weakens and your condition becomes chronic.

Now when you have acid reflux along with heartburn, you need to bring about many a lifestyle change as a part of your home care routine. But the most important feature of this care can and should be…


Meditation is one of the easiest and best ways to relieve stress – and there is a lot of documented proof of that. So we advise you make use of the same.

Now meditation doesn’t come easily to quite a few people. And if you are one such, then here’s help. This next video is of a kind of meditation tool – called binaural beats. These beats are recorded and composed in such a way that when you meditate while listening to them, they induce a meditative state in your mind and you find it easier to meditate.

Try it – take out 30 minutes of quiet time. Sit in a comfortable position, in comfortable clothes and use stereo headphones to listen to the music. You can keep your eyes closed or open –

Give it a shot. This one easy and simple alternate remedy has worked for many. And we bring it to you with the hope that it works for you too. ‘Eliminate stress’ is actually easier said than done. But with meditation for heartburn, it can actually become easy!