8 Alternative Remedies For Heartburn You Shouldn’t Overlook!

If you’re looking up alternative remedies for heartburn, it probably means that antacids have stopped working for you. In fact, they provide only momentary release from the burning inferno in your chest. With repeated use, it doesn’t take long before medications stop working because your system becomes immune to their effects.

However, it is a good thing that Mother Nature still offers alternative, effective and natural solutions to your GERD issues.

Here are some of the more powerful natural remedies to treat heartburn.

1.    Baking Soda: it is not an old wives tale. Baking soda works in dispelling the acid content in your stomach – it is alkaline in nature and thus can neutralize the stomach acids. But before you start using it, make sure to learn more on the benefits of this ‘antacid’ from Nature.

2.    Milk: if you drink a glass of warm milk, it can neutralize the effects of the acid in your stomach. But that’s just part of the story – there are both upsides and possible downsides to having milk to control heartburn. You will have to look up the details to know if milk can be your permanent solution to acid reflux.

Photo Credit: Tetra Pak via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: Tetra Pak via Compfightcc

3. Apple Cider Vinegar: it’s not necessary that acid reflux is always caused by the secretion of excessive acid in your alimentary system. Sometimes, it is the lack of enough digestive acids that leads to chronic heartburn. Apple cider vinegar can be your solution to chronic GERD.But that doesn’t mean you just drink it – there’s a right dosage.

4. Probiotics: the human digestive system has bacteria – both good bacteria and bad bacteria. When the bad bacteria get the upper hand, you tend to suffer from acidity and indigestion. What helps in this case is Probiotics – or good gut bacteria. In fact, they are probably the most powerful solution to most gastrointestinal problems. Hence we have brought you detailed information on the benefits of Probiotics for the human system.

5. Herbal brew: many people depend on herbal tea for momentary relief from the symptoms of heartburn. But what if you can consume particular herbal brews and extracts to get long-term relief from your GERD issues? It’s best to look up the herbs that are most beneficial in treating GERD.

Photo Credit: nomorota via Compfightcc

Photo Credit: nomorota via Compfightcc

 6. Licorice: opinions are still divided on the benefits of consuming licorice to control heartburn symptoms. But that doesn’t take away from the fact that many people have benefited from licorice.

7. Aloe Vera: aloe vera juice has a long history associated with heartburn symptoms, including its soothing effects on the esophagus. But before you go on to consume aloe vera juice in the raw; you might want to know the specifics of how it will help control your symptoms.

8. Meditation: it might sound surprising, but most people suffer from chronic GERD because of stress and anxiety. If you’re one of them then it’s time to rein in your stress levels. What better way to help reduce your stress levels than meditate regularly. Meditation has more benefits than most people give it credit for.

These are some of the most effective alternative remedies for heartburn. They have helped people overcome heartburn and chronic indigestion without any side effects for ages. And now it’s your turn to test them out.